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169 Frederick Rd, Ellicott City MD

SHAPE SHIFTERS WELLNESS STUDIO is a boutique practice at the Cycle Mill bike shop offering Bike PT
(bike fit and rehab focused on cycling) for the cycling enthusiast, as well as individualized Physical
Therapy approaches, Shiatsu treatments, group classes and workshops for spinal stability, strength and
endurance building and holistic lifestyle learning for all.

Ellen Driscoll, PT, certified Bike PT, Shiatsu Practitioner and Owner brings over 30 years of experience in
Sports medicine to this unique practice where the individual comes to heal and relax in a common sense
approach integrating the best practice concepts learned over her wide span of extensive coursework in
western and eastern theory.

Currently Available:

PHYSICAL THERAPY for cyclists and non-cyclists alike that is covered by insurance, discounted for high
deductible policies, and set in a private session in the mill with a relaxed atmosphere to help you rehab,
renew and heal! Manual techniques and other effective and holistic delivery of services are unmatched
in the fast pace commonplace delivery of PT most have experienced elsewhere. Try the difference in this
method for the busy and well-motivated client. Most sessions are only once a week, saving you time and
money in co-pays, yet more effective in the healing and higher satisfaction of results.
SHIATSU treatments given on a massage table is an eastern based practice of moving the CHI through
the meridians and is incorporated in every PT session as well as offered for 60 or 90 minute sessions
with a heavily discounted package of 5 sessions. It has been the basis for rehabilitation in the East for
many centuries, applying acupressure to accupoints which relieves inflammation, pain and dysfunction
in a relaxed fully clothed delivery with wonderful results whether combined with PT services or on its


CRANKS AND PLANKS was designed for a powerfully driven HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in the
off-season to maintain and improve your strength, endurance and speed in an hour and a half session
complemented with a cool down of gentle yoga positions to open the chest and hips. There is limited
space in the studio so reserve your spot NOW for the next schedule of 8 classes, to begin in January.
Two classes a week, one on Saturday and the other Wednesday evening we meet with our road bikes in
the studio and have a fat blasting work out at our own PRE (perceived rate of exertion) to popular
music! It’s a fun and fast way to get the most out of a workout and be ready for the season ahead!
SPINAL STABILIZATION refers to the core, neck and back strengthening mat Pilates done on a therapy
ball, roll and using light weights and gentle stretching to maximize stability, postural awareness, body
mechanics and balance. Great for everyone but especially those suffering with pain, dysfunction or
weakness of the trunk. REMEMBER-cycling is NOT a core workout so cross train and see how it helps
your ride! This series also is 8 classes that are run 2x per week, and depending on interest continue
throughout the year! It is my forte as a PT to address spinal stability and health in this way.

Education and application of things learned are the root of all lifestyle changes. We all need some
guidance, coaching and experiences to lead us down the road to a better health and outlook for our
bodymindspirit connection. Try a SEASONAL workshop about the gifts of each season through the FIVE
ELEMENT THEORY or join our workshop on USING ESSENTIAL OILS for your own apothecary approach to
health and see how easy it is to integrate into your wheelhouse for an extraordinary gift to yourself!"
  • Monday-Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm
    Sunday CLOSED
  • 169 Frederick Rd,
    Ellicott City, MD 21043
  • 410.465.5500